Hi, I'm Aubree!

"If It Scares You, It Might Be A Good Thing To Try"

- Seth Godin

If you're like me, you hate to write long and boring paragraphs about yourself! About pages don't have to solely be about well...you. You should definitely add something about you and make it personable that people can relate to, that's definitely a given! This page can be so much more than that though! The about page can be a window into your business, and not just about how you love watching FRIENDS and drinking coffee every day (How you doin?).  Add something about how you started, where you're going, and what clients can expect when they book a service with you. The about page should have a balance of information about yourself, AND your business.


(My True Love)

Travel lust

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That's me!


(Because of course!)

What to Expect

Something about your how special your services are and what makes you stand out from others in your business should go here. A potential client should always be your number one priority, and they should be made to feel welcomed, and special, because they are! After all, they might choose YOU as the person to document what might become their one and only time they get married (or we hope). It's a big occasion that takes a lot of hard work and a community of people to come together and form for a single special day.

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d. All of them!

c. Bridgerton

b. letterkenny

a. Stranger Things

01. What am I watching?

My Quiz Results

02. Favorite drink?

a. Gin & Tonic

b. Sex on the beach

c. Martini

d. Pina Colada

03. What's your style?

a. Boho

b. Casual

c. Sexy

d. Vintage

04. If you could go back in time what would you change? 

Absolutely nothing! I have no regrets! The things we leave in the past makes us who we are today!

05. Dogs or Cats?

a. Dogs 4 life!

b. Cats 4 eva!

06. What's your favorite icecream?

a. Vanilla

b. Chocolate

c. Twix

d. Strawberry